Feb 222014

live on air The Drive with Steve Jaxson KSRO We love radio! So naturally it makes sense to sponsor and support local radio like The Drive with Steve Jaxson on KSRO. And, just so we could have more fun, we also support Steve’s Swinging with Sinatra show as well! Good times always had by all.

Back in December we were thrilled to head down to the studio and hang out with Steve, share some food and some laughs with him as the Restaurant of the Week on The Drive. It’s been our goal since we opened last October to be a fun and comfortable place for locals to gather, share a drink and a meal while enjoying each other’s company and it’s always fun when Steve shows up at Riccardo’s to visit us or when we go visit him.

So come down and see us, bring a friend or two or ten and tune into The Drive Monday – Friday 3-6pm on 1350AM on KSRO. If you are a Sinatra fan make sure you don’t miss his Swinging With Sinatra syndicated show.

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